Will Pandora live up to its hype?


avatar_Full_24795Photo source: Disney

On May 27th Disney’s Animal kingdom will open it’s doors to welcome guest in Pandora – The World of Avatar. Disney’s Imagineers along with James Cameron have been working on the new land since September of 2011. It has been 8 years since James Cameron’s Avatar film was release. This film currently holds the “top spot” for highest grossing films. The question remains, will this world be as immersive and beautiful as the cinematic film?

Attractions & Food

Avatar: Flight of Passage

avatar_Full_24796Photo source: Disney

Guest will be scanned and matched to their very own Avatars. After placing on your riding goggles you will then take flight with your personal mountain banshee and explore the world of Pandora.

Na’vi River Journey

avatar_Full_24798Photo source: Disney

Take a boat ride throughout the Kasvapan River. This ride is rumored to have many different flowers, animals, animatronics throughout the ride.  Disney has worked hard to make the lights, wildlife, and sounds of avatar come to life throughout the ride.

Satu’li Canteen

Explore the authentic taste of the Navi Foods & Beverages

Pandora -- The World of Avatar at Disney's Animal KingdomPhoto source: DisneyScreen-Shot-2017-03-22-at-9.03.35-PMPhoto source: Disney
Screen-Shot-2017-03-22-at-9.03.53-PMPhoto source: Disney
satuli-canteen-01-1200x675Photo source: Disneysatuli-canteen-dessertPhoto source: Disney

Pongu Pongu  AKA “Party Party”

Photo source: Disneypongu-pongu-01
Photo source: Disney
Photo source: Disney
Photo source: Disney

So this all looks and sounds great right? Will this bring the much-needed life back into Animal Kingdom? We’ll soon find out once when Pandora opens on May 27th.


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